Triathlon Wire Sculptures

Updated: Aug 24, 2018

Tim and Mirinda liked there bike and now want a swimmer and runner to go with it! HERE IS THE SWIMMER :) it took me about 7-ish hours to complete...I think?? Runner soon to come!

So for the past Christmas I made a wire bike perfect for hanging in an office and now I've had THREE requests from his clients for bikes !!! Each bike takes around 8-10 hours of work as long as I'm not watching too much tv... HERE THEY ARE

This one just went to Tim O'Donnell, a pro triathlete !

These are going to Morgan Clark, the owner of All 3 Sports, and Temple.

Now I'm taking over the walls of the Recovery Club!!

And finally I came up with a complete triathlete piece.

I got a request from Kelly Reed for 15 little bikes for her to hang up in her frozen yogurt shop, BOOM Yogurt Bar, as if there were 15 little racers going along the wall. Here they all are finished!

Which led to a BODY BUILDER, I think he's adorable.

So the dancers then led to me wanting to work on other athlete forms and focus on muscle shapes and definition. Here is a gymnast on the rings, it's hard to tell in this photo but the rings are brass and it's hung from multiple threads of fishing line.

Here are Emily's little dancers! I got the request from her to make one dancer out of the bailing wire after she saw the wire bikes I'd been making. After I made the female dancing figure from a picture on the internet she requested that I make the male dancer as well. It turned out GREAT !

Here is the picture that I went off of to create the dancers.

Emily happy with her finished piece!!!

Here is a medium sized bike, it's probably 8" X 5" and is a perfect little wall decoration.

Here is a mini bike on a stand and a little swimmer. They didn't take too long and both are epoxied into little rustic blocks of wood. They are about 5-6" long and about 4.5-ish inches tall. I've had three requests for the bikes now !!!

And this is the most recent swim, bike, run that I've made. This is the third one that I've created, but one of them I didn't put on a stand. Still looking for a buyer for this one.

Here is one of the special orders I received to make a lacrosse and water polo player. It's mounted on a nice little wooden stand.


Mini bike tree ! I bought spray paint for the holidays so that there could be some festive bike ornaments.

Here is the newest swimmer I've made ! He ordered it for his wife for Christmas and told me that she LOVED it ! which I was so glad to hear cause while I was building it I felt like I had no idea what I was doing and completely forgot how I made the first one....

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