Throw Back

Throw way way back to my senior year of high school when I was a model student taking AP Jewelry and my teacher @jonihermybum made me enter a national jewelry competition (thank you for the push)! I was lucky enough to place third with my hollow form bracelet. This piece to this day might be the one that I'm most proud of making. I was two years into discovering climbing though and it began to take over my life. I've had moments where I've regretted finding climbing and what it took away from me; my dedication to school and art, and my desire to pursue entomology in college, but that seems silly now.


I moved to Boulder and left college after just a few years, but climbed my heart out and climbed harder then I ever thought I could. I was surrounded by a community of incredibly wonderful people and inspiring athletes. I no longer regret any part of my life and am aware of how much it gave me (including @devranjan), and how much it shaped me into who I am today.


Now I'm in a very new chapter of my life with my husband and we've moved across the country. The future is full of unknowns but I'm eager to continue chasing my passions for the rest of my life. But hopefully with a bit more balance this time!



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