The Journey

So it's been a while and I'm now working on my WEBSITE !!!!!!!!!!!!!! Finally !! it's about time, and I'm almost done with's scary, didn't think it would be though. Soon everyone will be able to see ALL my stuff, anytime, and I wont be able to see/hear their reactions to it. I can't tell if I'm more worried about bad reactions or just not knowing....I'm one of the many who doesn't like the unknown, surprise, surprise.

Anyway, now to the artsy stuff...I haven't allowed myself recently to work on any new pieces just because I need to focus on my website, otherwise what is the point of making all this stuff...did I just think it was going to magically disappear and I would magically make money? I'm using to make my site. So far it's really easy, meaning even I can do it. It's a template that you basically fill up with your own stuff and then play with the colors and fonts, so why is it taking SOO long?

The point is that I'm going to have a link attaching to this blog from my website so I figured that I should at least post something since I haven't form, what was it? Several years I think, at least one for sure...I have seven different collections up on it already! Some of them only have one or two pieces though. Here they are:

-New Zealand Sea Glass Collection

-A Traveler's Coins Series

-An Industrial Woman

-Out of the Gun

-Stones & Discs

-The Wire Wrapped Collection

-For the Men

And it's really funny to me that I already have a handful of ideas for three, YES THREE, new collection ideas.These would be:

-The Wyoming Collection

-Some Things Obtuse

-About the Weather

I love that with these names you have NO idea what I'll be making. I've usually always been about the metal, but with the Wyoming Collection it will actually be all about the colors. I went on a trip to Ten Sleep, WY with my boyfriend for his birthday and was blown away. The combinations in the grasses was incredible. There were the golden grasses, a frosted teal colored plant..I believe it was a sage brush, then there were these rust colored flowers that were delicate and spectacular. Then to top it all off, there was these puffy and fragile giant dandy lion like plants and the steel-gray skies. I'm going to try and work with these colors and create quite the collection. And so I still get my metal fix, I got a jack's patina that can turn brass and copper greenish, which I'm extremely excited about!!

A few nights ago I actually couldn't fall asleep because I was getting ideas for the other collections as well...after 30 minutes of tossing and turning I realized that I had to get up and sketch, at midnight, because the fear of forgetting the design ideas was keeping me from sleeping....

But what happens if I make this website of mine live and nothing happens? What if I don't sell a thing? Have I, not really, but I'll be putting in a lot of work for nothing. Maybe I won't be able to advertise properly, or maybe it'll just be that none likes my stuff, or that I have it priced too high. On the other hand, what if I do start selling stuff, a lot of stuff? This takes a ton of time and that's just taking all the photos and cropping them to fit. What about finding models to wear the pieces for the photos? What about measuring them and getting the dimensions? What about pricing? Keeping track of inventory? Then there is uploading the pieces onto the website and adding a description of a sentence or two that is supposed to convince someone to buy the piece. Now I need to list the materials involved and dimensions...and you know what? I haven't even thought about the time, effort, and creative time it takes to come up with a piece and actually make it!

Now with all that happening, whats going to happen to the time I spend with my boyfriend? My full time job? My training/climbing? What about my friends and traveling...Ahhhhh, and my family!!?

Oy, only one way...I find out. Let us find out then.

Also I now have a page on Pinterest !!! You should all follow us :-)

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