The HUGE Stained Glass Project

So this stained glass project is going to take quit a lot of time. It is going to be a 53" by 26" half round window that is going up in the kitchen of my parents' new house. Its a special order piece for my dad.

Here I'm drawing out the design for the window on our kitchen floor!

Here are the two blue prints I completed, now time to start cutting glass!!!

Now I'm cutting and grinding the glass to have a perfect fit. Such a slow freaking process!

Finally getting somewhere!!! I think at this point I have around 35+ hours into this piece. That is counting the time to draw out the design and pick the glass!!

Here is a picture of the grinder! I had to clean it out, all the water was being absorbed by the glass dust. YOU ARE LOOKING AT GLASS MUD!!! See the different colored layers from when I was grinding down different pieces of glass!!

The bridge rock is taking forever. The glass I picked for the stones is opaque and I haven't been able to trace the lines and just been using the "guess and check" method.

First bleed!!! I'm proud of myself.

The bridge is complete thank goodness :)Starting the pine trees FINALLY !

The grinder was full of glass mud again and had to clean it out for the second time, and my fingers were so trashed at this point and ached a ton, so took a few days off.

I believe this is about 74 hours in.

After 78 hours and 25 minutes of work I finally finished cutting out all the glass and took all the tape off! Now time to start wrapping each little piece with copper foil...

These photos were taken after 16 1/4 hours of copper foiling, and 94 1/2 hours of total work on it. I have finished foiling the tree on the left, some sky, grass, mud bank, and a little bit of the bridge.

Here is the progress after almost 12 more hours of copper foil work!!

Here is the back of the window after my dad and I had flipped it and I completed soldering together the back.

AFTER ABOUT 148 HOURS, the window is completed...well at least my part of it. My dad still has to get it into the frame support and installed up in the kitchen. Hope that all goes well, I'm out of the country and will be missing all of that.

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