A Traveler's Coins Series



There are seven lucky coins for this necklace !! I LOVE this piece !!! This piece was definitely time consuming and slightly frustrating to create, but so worth it. It is shorter and kinda makes me think of a breast plate. I hammered all of the coins then had to drill out multiple holes on all of them and bail them together with brass wire. It has one large and one small mother of pearl beads connecting the coins to the doubled, red brass chain. It is finished off with a nice brass clasp.

Pretty SURE this piece is mine and if anyone wants to buy one from me I'll just make them a different one !!

Here is the front and back of these two coin necklaces I've made. I hammered on the edges of the coins for a nice texture, then drilled a hole in the top of both and wrapped brass wire on the top to make a place to hang it by. Each one is hung from a different ribbon/lace and is finished off with a hand made brass S clasp.

This piece is made up of one strand and has foreign coins, turquoise, smoky quartz, and hematite beads making up its unique design. It is bailed together with brass wire and was then connected to a red brass chain. It is finished off nicely with a brass S clasp and a lovely oxidized finish for that vintage look.

FAVORITE PIECE that I will be keeping !

This piece is made up of a unique and lovely combination of foreign coins, pearls, hematite, smoky quartz beads, and brass oval links. The oval brass links are actually from an antique brass towel hanger. I sawed it into thin slices and used sandpaper to smooth the edges down. The two strands are connected together with brass wire using a technique called bailing. It is hung off of a red brass chain and is finished with a hand made brass S clasp. The whole piece was then oxidized and brushed back.

The reason that I have pictures of these pieces on my and not hanging on a piece of wood like usual is because when I post pieces on my Etsy account I need photos of the necklaces on a neck...and mine has been the most available.


Taylor's B-Day Bracelet:

Here is Taylor Nystrom's bracelet!!! It is made of brass links (made from a solid brass towel hanger), turquoise beads, sodalite beads, hematite beads, and Austrian coins that were all connected together with brass wire. The coins came from Taylor's trip that she had taken over the summer so that it'd be personal to her. It was completed with a brass lobster clasp. Part of the series A Traveler's Coins.

Here is her BRACELET TREE to hold all of her wonderful jewelry !!!

p.s. I just threw a bunch of my jewelry on it for the picture. Happy B-day Taylor!!

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