Side Art


Stained Glass Pendants:

The glass pendents I've been making were put on hold for a while when I finally accepted that I shouldn't be making pendents with 60% lead solder... SO I have finally purchased non leaded solder for the pendents and should be working on more soon!!!

The lower picture is from our ART NIGHT !!! Had a handful of friends show up, it was fun and busy. Hope to plan another one soon ! We made some of the above pendents!!


Quite a while back my parents left on a short trip to the Grand Canyon and I was stuck with these little munchkins and my 18 year old brother of trouble. While the 18 year old was out and about I did this little activity with the little ones! First you wrap up the person in saran wrap and make sure to have the little cardboard runners (makes cutting the person out of the tape way easier)then you start wrapping up their body with packing tape until you got a few sturdy layers built up. Then cut the person out with scissors or an exacto little bro and sis must trust me a ton to have me cutting them out with and exacto knife super close to their skin... Then you just tape the open seams back together with the packing tape. We ended up going through about 4 or 5 roles of packing tape was so much fun ! My dad was not pleased

Copper Stamped Landscape:

So I actually made this little wall piece way back in May for my little sister...last minute gift idea. It is sheet copper that I drew a light design on with sharpie, then with a hammer and nail I tapped in little points outlining the sketch, I then oxidized the entire surface and sanded it down so only the little dots were black. It was a success, she liked it !!

Silk Poppy Pin:

Here is a new experimental project. SILK POPPIES.

I bought two silk shirts from thrift stores and have only cut up the red one so far. Supper happy with the results. I cut out the circular shapes, burned all the edges, then dipped the edges in super glue to keep them from fraying. Final steps were to sew on a button and a pin back.

ALUMINUM Squiggle Necklaces !

Here are two necklaces that I've sold ! The squiggle is made our of recycled electrical aluminum wire, it came from the house that my dad is building.I had to strip the thick plastic off of the inner wire and then just used my rounded needle nose pliers to shape. Then as I'm hammering the designs flat I have to stop every few hits and re-shape the squiggle. After I file/sand the shape a little and wash it, it's ready to be attached to the chain and a clasp!! I've also tried to hang them on ribbon and I hate it, chain is the way to go with these.

p.s. I've made many more than just these two, I've sold one other, and the rest are waiting for new necks to hang on ! LET ME KNOW IF YOU WANT ONE $30-$35 depending on the squiggle size and chain desired (unless you want silver chain...then it will be a bit more)


Tripple Wrapped Flora Rings

Here are these lovely rings, they are made out of a thick gauge brass wire which I twisted into a floral design while forming the band on a ring mandrel. I'm going to sell them in sets of three for $15. Please let me know if that seems fair!?!?

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