New Zealand 2011


Missing It:

Right now I'm in New Zealand and am really missing getting to make things. Every time I walk by a jewelry store/ art gallery I have to go through it and take the business cards of the artists so that I can research them later. Also I've began gathering junk, and Eric (my friend that I'm traveling around with) keeps making fun of me...I have been gathering a ridiculous amount of shells, sea-or in my case, lake glass, and seeds. Also I keep the random coins that I've been finding from other countries. I need to start sketching or something... Maybe I'll even be able to gather some of the fern plants and can cast them in the future. Ugh, who knows...



Ideas for rings, pendents, reconstructed sweaters, wire and glass sculptures and who knows what else...but it's all on these papers. Hope some of them come true, I'm going to be back on the 12th of May and then hopefully will be able to immediately start working on some of my favorites !

it's going to be interesting, some of the current ideas involve experimenting with different metal wires, solder, glass and copper foil, a rock polisher, and a sewing machine (which might be the biggest of my problems) SO EXCITED & READY TO GET STARTED

HERE ARE MORE ! ! ! I've continued sketching since being home...too many ideas to be able to store in my head.



THE BAG OF WOOL I BOUGHT ! ! ! ! ! ! !

Britta getting started on the felting process. First you lay out the wool with all the fibers going in the same direction, then you layer on more wool but with the fibers running perpendicular to the previous layer. You will want to continue this until you have at least four layers. Now you get some water boiling and mix in some bar soap shavings. Now you take a cut and gently poor the water on the wool until it is evenly wet, not sitting in a puddle though. Now you slowly and softly start rubbing the wool, sometimes it helps to use a baggy over your hand while doing this to have less friction until the wool begins to felt together and become stronger. Now you just keep rubbing and rubbing, flip it over and rub it some more. Eventually you have to dump the now cool and very dirty water out of the tray and put more of the boiling water on to keep the wool fibers shrinking together. Also be prepared for this process to take of the needed tools for this is definitely patience.

Top left is Britta's tobacco bag that she made out of the felted wool, some beads/shells, and a zipper. The little bag with the brass button and the pair of arm warmers I made are not as tightly felted. The wool texture is easier to see in mine, but they are not as strong...I'll have to keep working on my felting.

Here I am with all of my completed wooly projects, and Britta with hers.

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