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The Start

       I was always one of those kids that would get into everything and would end up with a crazy mess because I always wanted to be creating something. 

       By high school I had a variety of art classes to choose from and I loved it. I tried out Commercial Art, Photography, Sculpture, Ceramics and Jewelry. I ended up sticking with Jewelry. At the time I experimented with found object and lost wax casting and constructing hollow forms.

       In the past I've entered my work in a variety of art shows, from high school shows to international shows. The largest show I was in was Rio Grande's Saul Bell Jewelry Design Competition in 2008 where I entered my hollow form bracelet in the Emerging Artist's category where I ended up placing third.

       I now have a few college sculpture classes under my belt and an internship with a jewelry boutique and am ready to start exploring with my own art. I've been trying to experiment with my style and have enjoyed combining different metals with found objects. The combination of soft materials with harsh metals, or curved shapes with rigid, geometric designs are my current passion. Hope you all like my pieces !